Welcome to Bloomington Ultimate!

Winter League will be played on Sundays (Jan. 9 – Mar. 6) at Twin Lakes Recreation Center. (Registration is closed)

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Indy Red Try Outs!

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ONO5XIcStcBn3x6vqArKm5E72PxfnQ6s97h0p_L0c3AS_MdcHo3et_zloee8lyMyKME5HvDcHDgC3Xkvj4gmOIneTnTSbSXfk1VLRPxqtEPlNHXW21ZncV7i-WXq25Sefg=w6338The professional ultimate team is holding tryouts: January 22nd, 9am-12pm and February 5th, 9am – 12pm.
[Try out information here]

Indianapolis (Indy) Red is a professional ultimate team and a part of the Premier Ultimate League (PUL). They are based out of Indianapolis, IN but include players from the surrounding region.



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